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Yes, I got in the Beta! Oh boy, what have I done?

by Bits and Droids
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I was overly excited when Asobo announced they were looking for peripheral testers for the sim update 5 beta. I applied, got accepted, and booted up the game. Obviously, I started working on some projects, wanted to record some footage, and then it hit me. I can’t record this, I can’t stream this, and I can’t talk about it under their NDA. Whoopsie, there goes my content. Due to the way save games have been changed, there is no possibility to revert to the default build without losing my data. So there won’t be any streams until sim update 5 is out.

For certain video’s I already had some footage pre-recorded which I can use. On the flip side, this gave me more time to work on the next update. One of the things that got added is a JSON file that contains all the outputs. Previously they were hardcoded into the connector. Notice how there is a field called “updateEvery”? This value can be altered by yourself if you want to. The plane altitude above ground gets send every change of 10 feet (your board receives 10 – 20 – 30 – 20 – 30 – 40… etc.). If you want to up this interval to say 100 or perhaps even 1000 to lighten the burden on your board, you can alter this value before you start the connector. Because it pulls from an external file, you could make alterations by adding missing outputs to the list. If you do this, please send the change to me or upload them to Github directly. This way, it gets added in future updates as well. The connector will dynamically pull this data in and add the corresponding fields. IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE CHANGING ANYTHING, BE AWARE IT MIGHT BREAK SOMETHING (which can be reverted by replacing the file with the default file, making a copy before changing anything is advised). If you have no clue how JSON works, this approach might not be user-friendly. This is a temporary workaround until I get a UI in place in the connector.

JSON of outputs
JSON of outputs

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