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Version 0.8.7 release notes

by Bits and Droids
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Want to monitor the progress on the latest features? I’ve created a Trello board just for you. From here, you can keep track of the features being worked on, comment with your own ideas, or vote on features that seem important to you. https://trello.com/b/jW3cpmOO/bits-and-droids-connector


What has changed

I want to move to a point where the library becomes stable. The definition of stable for me would be: “the point where all the changes required can be made in the connector’s backend instead of your Arduino.” This would make it possible to create a sketch, upload it to your Arduino and finetune everything else in the connector (but still granting you the freedom to implement your own creations). If a change has to be made in the future, you can leave the code on your Arduino untouched while we alter the mechanics in the backend.


Connector settings menu

The throttle (and mixture + props) have undergone some major revamps. The Arduino code now only asks for the pin of your potentiometer (connector.simpleInputHandling(A0), for example).

The logic has shifted from the library to the connector. Previously the library read the value of your analog device, mapped that value on an axis of -16383 till 16383, and send it over to the connector. We could easily lift some of the load away from the library towards the connector by just passing the raw read values. This way, we also avoid the ‘-‘ sign falling off in the negative ranges.

In the settings menu, you’re now able to create your own custom ranges. It also allows you to set a reverse thrust range. The reverse thrust works with all default planes out of the box. When you enter the following values 0 – 400 – 1023, the reverse thrust will be applied when below 400 (the range gets plotted against the potentiometer values). Your value will then plot the default throttle range between 400 and 1023. Got your potentiometer wired up backward? Just flip the Max and Reverse values, and your good to go. If you don’t want to use the reverse range, just set the idle cutoff and reverse values to the same number.

Not all planes have the same reverse range. You’re able to set the required range with the 3 radio buttons at the bottom. In the future, I want to automate this process based on the aircraft selected. Less work equals more fun.

#include <BitsAndDroidsFlightConnector.h>
BitsAndDroidsFlightConnector connector = BitsAndDroidsFlightConnector(true);

void setup() {

void loop() {
  connector.propsInputHandling(A2, A2);


The com frequencies are now stored as an long int a full explanation and how to use it with MAX7219 displays can be found here: https://www.bitsanddroids.com/radio-with-a-max7219-8-digit-7-segment-display/

Older sketches should work as expected. Only new sketches should be affected by the change.


  • Reverse thrust ranges added.
  • Customizable ranges available in the connector -> settings
  • Throttle/mixture/propeller lever functions only require the pin of the analog reading component
  • Coms have been changed to long instead of String
  • Started migration of UI components being dynamically added
  • Several minor bugfixes

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