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Every parcel will be shipped using the PostNL postal service. The last part of the trip will be done by your local postal service.

  • If your order requires custom parts the order will be shipped the first working day after the production process is finished.
  • Local tariffs/taxes might apply to your locale that aren’t included in the shipping costs. These taxes and tariffs aren’t paid by Bits and Droids so check which apply for shipments received from the Netherlands for your situation. This most likely won’t apply to countries inside the EU.
  • Depending on the shipping type selected during checkout you’ll receive a track and trace code the moment the order is shipped.
  • Shipments to an address in the Netherlands have track and trace added by default.
  • Outside of the Netherlands track and trace can be added at an extra cost.
  • Shipping prices can change over time reflecting local shipping costs.

What if something happens to my package?

  • Refuse the package from your local postal delivery service if the packaging is heavily damaged.
  • If the package is damaged due to mishandling of the delivery company we’d recommend filing an official complaint with the postal company.
  • If the package is lost contact your local delivery company to start an investigation. If no track and trace is added during checkout this process could be rather complicated.
  • If you feel like Bits and Droids provided inferior packaging that caused the order to be damaged contact me on info@bitsanddroids.com. I’d love to learn and improve wherever possible.

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