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Flight sim analog calibration

These features were meant to be released in the latest update, but I had to push it forward due to some technical issues and bugs.

What is new?

  • Added axis calibration menu
  • Calibrate rudder axis
  • Calibrate toe brake axis
  • Calibrate elevator axis
  • Calibrate aileron axis
  • G1000/G3000/G530 commands combined into one


The rudder calibration was already present in the previous version. I’ve expanded this concept to the other main analog inputs. To make the code more expandable, everything you see is dynamically generated. This ensures that adding other inputs to the calibration menu will be as easy as adding a string.

If you previously had certain settings saved in the old menu, there is a chance this update will reset your calibration. So please have a look if this changed anything for you.


To enable these features, the library is updated as well. Calibrating the axis can be pretty taxing when done solely on a microcontroller. Therefore most calculations have been moved to the connector. The functions only require the pin number of your connected analog component.

//Left brake pin, right brake pin (can be the same)  
//Rudder pin
//Yoke pin (aileron, elevator)
connector.sendSetYokeAxis(A1, A0);

G1000/G3000/G530 commands

Like to spice things up? Switching planes on a daily basis? These commands will make your life easier. Instead of binding several buttons depending on the PFD of your plane, I added several combined inputs. A single input that triggers the respective buttons on each Garmin setup. For these changes to take effect, you need to reinstall the WASM module (or replace the events.txt file).
These commands can be executed by calling: connector.send(//COMMAND);


5000Outer knob –
5001Outer knob +
5002Inner knob –
5003Inner knob +
5008Zoom in
5009Zoom out
5012Softkey 1
5013 Softkey 2
5014 Softkey 3
5015 Softkey 4
5016 Softkey 5
5017 Softkey 6
5018 Softkey 7
5019 Softkey 8
5020 Softkey 9
5021 Softkey 10
5022 Softkey 11
5023 Softkey 12

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Dwight January 4, 2022 - 7:41 am

I’ve built a Throttle Box using Arduino Pro Micro. It has the following functions:

Throttle, Mixture, Prop Pitch – all analog
Landing gear Up/Down – digital
Flap 4 position – digital

I can manipulate these controls and see the changes on the Serial Monitor. How can I interface these signals to the MSFS2020. With all of your videos I see how to build the physical boxes utilizing switches and potentiometers but not how to connect the signals from the Arduino to the Flight Sim?

admin January 4, 2022 - 8:06 am

Good morning. Did you use the commands found on this website to create your code? I.e. connector.sendSetRudderPot(A3); will print something like 900 X to the serial monitor.
If so you’re able to download the connector from the downloads page. https://www.bitsanddroids.com/downloads. If you’ve used the proper commands you’re able to select the comport (of your Arduino) in the inputs section and hit start.

If you’re not sure if the code functions or need some further help let me know. There’s a Discord as well (usually quicker with the responses https://discord.com/invite/nRCe8Y9DzD)

Dwight January 13, 2022 - 8:53 pm

Thanks for your prompt response.

No I did not use the commands from your website, will do so now and provide feedback at a later date.


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