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Release notes V0.9.9.5

by Bits and Droids
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EC11EBB24C03 breakout board Bits and Droids

Hi folks. I’ve just released version of the connector, WASM module, and a new library version. It adds the possibility to set up axes through the WASM events file. How could you do this yourself? Let’s dive right in.

In the events.txt file of the WASM module folder you’ll find the following line:


  • The first part is the command (set the flight spoilers).
  • ^9 represents the mode (an axes)
  • #3000 is the prefix.
  • -700 is the minimum value of your analog device (i.e. potentiometer)
  • +930 is the maximum value of your analog device (i.e. potentiometer)

From our Arduino we could now send a command that looks like this:

#include <BitsAndDroidsFlightConnector.h>
BitsAndDroidsFlightConnector connector = BitsAndDroidsFlightConnector();

const byte speedBrakePin = A0;

int oldBrakePosition;

void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:

void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
  int currentBrakePosition = connector.smoothPot(speedBrakePin);
  if(abs(currentBrakePosition - oldBrakePosition) >= 1){
    oldBrakePosition = currentBrakePosition;
    Serial.println("3000 " + String(oldBrakePosition));

The code reads the current potentiometer value. Smoothens out the readings and sends it towards the connector with 3000 prefixes. The connector receives this command passes it to the game which maps it to the ingame axes. If your potentiometer uses a different range you can alter these values in the events.txt file.

What changed?

  • Fixed a bug that caused the master caution and warning buttons to be flipped
  • Added functionality to the WASM module to control axes (throttle, spoilers etc).
  • Fixed the NAV frequency
  • Reduced input lag on the brakes + yoke functionalities

Gui for events

I’m almost done working on a GUI that lets you alter the events file. This makes it easier, cleaner and most of all less of a chore to add custom commands. I’ve held the outputs back until this is finished to kill two birds with one stone.

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