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Release notes flight sim connector V0.8.3

by Bits and Droids
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– Status updates at the input tab have been reworked
– Last received command from Arduino is displayed
– Connection made message
– Connection closed message
– Last received command message

-Set trim directly
-Set trim with a potentiometer

-Crash to desktop when starting inputs before the game has been fixed
– Starting the connector before the game will now try to make a connection until the game is started. This makes it possible to start the connector before mfs2020 and it will connect automatically when the game is ready!  

-Library support for 2 Serial lines on the Arduino DUE (thanks to dumpfheimer on GitHub)

New trim examples

There are 2 new Trim input functions. When you want to use a potentiometer, you’re able to use the sendSetElevatorTrimPot() function, which will do all the reading/filtering/debouncing for you. Are you feeling more adventurous? Don’t worry. You’re able to create your own devices, contraptions, or whatever your imagination can come up with and send the trim values directly. The trim values are integers between -16383 and 16383, where 0 represents the middle position.

#include <BitsAndDroidsFlightConnector.h>
BitsAndDroidsFlightConnector connector(false);
void setup() {

void loop() {
  //The paramaters are Potentiometer pin, minValue of potentiometer, maxValue of potentiometer
  connector.sendSetElevatorTrimPot(A0, 0, 1023);
  //IF you don't want to use a potentiometer you can pass a value directly (-16383 to 16383 where 0 is the middle possition)

Nav Obs settings

The getNavObs functions will return an Integer (so a numeric value without a decimal). I explicitly mention this because in the past it would often return a String. Because an int takes up less space I went with this approach.


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