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Release notes V1.2.1-0

by Bits and Droids | 21-03-2023

Hi folks, I've released a minor update that fixes some minor bugs in the event editor plus some other goodies.

What is new

  • Added prompts when installing WASM module. Back in the old days (basically this morning) there was no feedback to you as a user when installing the WASM module. Everything happened in the background while you stared at the same unchanged screen. As of this version you're able to see whether the installation failed or succeeded.
  • Added a prompt when updating the WASM event file. Same explanation as to the previous improvement.
  • Added a prompt when your event file contains an error. Sometimes my connector behaves like a human and produces an oopsie. You will now be greeted with a prompt pointing towards the line that contains an error.

What is fixed

  • The connector no longer crashes when the event file contains an error.
  • Starting the connector would load in the event file 5 times. This has been reduced to 1 (seemed enough to me)
  • Some signs had a forced space behind them when saving the event file. These have been excluded from the list ('{' and '}')

As always let me know if you encounter any bugs or have some new ideas.
You can report both directly at: