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Release notes V1.1.0

by Bits and Droids | 21-03-2023

This will be the first update since version 1.0.0 that improves the quality of life. It requires a reinstallation of the WASM module to utilize all the features. Don't forget to copy your events file (I'm working on a check for a file present).

Close to tray

Did you ever accidentally close the connector while making changes? From now on, the connector will close to the tray by default. Right-clicking on the tray icon gives you the option to close the application completely. Double click the icon to reopen the application. In the next update, this will be an optional feature for those who want to revert to the old behavior.

Output lists

I've received reports that some of you have surpassed the number of outputs that could fit your screen. The last thing I'd want is to hold you back in your projects, so I've added a scrollbar to the outputs list. It doesn't matter if you add 10 or 100 outputs. The connector got you covered.

Variables on flight load

Before this update, the game would only send data when you've actively changed the variable (i.e., increasing the AP altitude). This led to situations where your inputs were out of sync with the game state. The prevent this, I've added a forced sync in the WASM module. To use this feature, you have to add the desired outputs to the custom section instead of using the build-in outputs (see the example below). I'm still debating whether or not I'll get rid of the default outputs altogether or work on a feature that updates these variables as well.

Custom outputs for the AP alt lock and heading lock

You could also force an update by sending the command 9998 to the connector via your controller.

#include <BitsAndDroidsFlightConnector.h>
BitsAndDroidsFlightConnector connector = BitsAndDroidsFlightConnector();
void setup() {
void loop() {
  //This will force the connector to resend all variables you've selected
  //Don't just put it in the loop block since it will force a refresh without end

As always, I hope you like it. If you encounter any bugs, let me know on Discord or