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Release notes 1.6.0

by Bits and Droids | 21-03-2023


  • COM_STBY_RADIO_SET = 260 + 123.450
  • COM2_STBY_RADIO_SET = 261 + 123.450
  • Logs to several connector events


  • Visual overhaul of the dashboard
  • Dashboard overview
  • Dashboard logic
  • How com ports + sets are handled
  • Log window stability increased
  • Set events can now be used


  • Dedicated input and output mode

Visual changes

The dashboard has been overhauled to provide a more uniform look throughout the entire application. The rest of the windows will follow the same style over the coming weeks.

Advanced mode had to go

Since the first implementation of the connector, we’ve had three separate modes to control our in/outputs. The input, output, and dual mode. Each mode ran on a separate thread and had its own separate logic determining how to act. This inexplicitly meant that one bugfix turned into three bugfixes. And a single improvement had to be implemented in three places as well. In the end, the spaghetti monster took over, and not all modes contained the same performance improvements. Long story short an overhaul was necessary. We’ve removed the dedicated input and output mode and left them in the “dual” mode (send and receive data using the same board). This process still runs in a separate thread to provide the best performance. Everything has been cut up into bite-sized code chunks. For the coders among us, I’ve started documenting each function using Doxygen. This documentation can be found over at the Github pages link in the Main branch. An enormous chunk of the codebase has been cut without losing any functionality.