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Release notes 1.4.0-0

by Bits and Droids | 21-03-2023

While the temperatures are rising, it's time for our first summer update! You guys have requested logs for quite some time, but they finally arrived. The first batch of logged events will give you more insight into the inner workings of the Simconnect client and your microcontrollers.


  • Outgoing/incoming communications to the dual mode (will be expanded to the other modes in the future).
  • Service thread that handles logs and side functionalities.
  • Logs added to the service thread.
  • Installing WASM will show a prompt when the connector can find no path.
  • Added service layer to WASM module (an update to the wasm module is necesary)


  • Fixed an issue where outputs would only send the first output the connector received in bulk (i.e., when four output events needed to trigger only one fired).
  • Improved timings on the outputs (i.e., added a slight delay when swapping active and standby coms).
  • Updates to the event files can now be fired as soon as the game is connected to SimConnect and the connector is open.
  • The connector will auto-reconnect when the game is restarted after a crash.

What is being worked on?

Currently, I'm working on an export feature for the output sets. This will make it easier to share and collaborate on your builds. The logs will eventually be expanded to cover most events. As a user, you'll be able to control what data gets logged and what doesn't.

Last but not least, I'm working on a small visual drag and drop system that is able to generate sketch templates for the components you've selected. This proves to be quite the challenge, but progress is slowly being made. As always, feel free to report any bugs you'll encounter or features you're missing.
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