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I've started a business!

by Bits and Droids | 21-03-2023

First of all, I want to wish you all a happy 2022!

The products of Bits and Droids have flown across the globe for a year now. It's a surreal realization that people buy something I've made from Asia to America and places in between. The store has always been run on a hobbyist basis. Some random person on the internet created products that shipped them to other enthusiasts.

As of the 1st of December, Bits and Droids is an officially registered company with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. I made this choice to comply with local tax laws and legislation (my mom always told me not to screw with the tax man). Besides the boring part, becoming a business feels like an accomplishment and a milestone for Bits and Droids.

What will change?

Perhaps the most crucial question is, what will change for you?

  • VAT, if you order through the webshop local VAT rates will be applied when applicable (this mainly applies to customers in the EU). The shiop will display your local VAT rates. If it can't see where the traffic will come from the VAT rates will be applied during checkout when you've entered your address.
  • Protection, As a business I have to comply to stricter rules and consumer protection legislation. This is great news for you guys since it will provide official routes of protection. You'll find the updated terms and conditions at the footer of the website (they can also be found on the cart page).

Thats it! Not much will change except for some formalities. I've got new content in the pipelines so stay tuned.