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by Bits and Droids | 21-03-2023

I've always used to distribute my 3D files in the past. It got the job done but could cause quite the frustration as well.

Luckily Prusa has stepped up to the plate and released a new overhauled version of their PrusaPrinters website. Armed with a fresh look, more options, and a search engine that doesn't leave you disappointed, it seems like a solid contender to take the crown from Thingiverse.

One of my biggest pet peeves was that in 50% of the cases, I couldn't download all the STL files in one go on Thingiverse. Luckily Printables offers a fully functional button that has worked every time I've tried it (insane that this even has to be considered).

The cherry on the pie is a seeming community focus with blogs, active contests, and groups to share your creations with like-minded people. Social feeds are in the works, and they implemented an element of "gamification" in the form of badges. 3D printing is a community-based hobby. Sharing ideas, solutions to problems, and trial and error made 3D printing big in the first place. The rapid pace at which 3D printing technology grows can be attributed to its thriving community. Therefore the community-driven approach of Printables might prove to be their most significant selling point.

Have I already mentioned that they even have a reward program that could earn you free rolls of filament?

Only time will tell if Printables will be able to conquer and maintain the crown, but they've managed to earn my trust for the foreseeable future.

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I'm in the process of porting everything over from Thingiverse. Luckily they've provided an import tool that lets you import your Thingiverse files with little effort. Once I've set everything up and changed all the Thingiverse links on youtube and my website, I'll start to close down my Thingiverse account.