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Patch notes

by Bits and Droids
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G1000 + G3000 simconnect

Thanks to your significant input and feedback, I managed to squash some bugs pestering our fields.

  • Fixed light variables (nav, taxi, etc.). The prefix was smaller than 100 while the rest was bigger than 100 (2 characters in stead of 3).
  • Fixed a problem with the rudder settings not transfering properly. If you created a custom rudder curve the settings would race against the clock with the default settings. Unfortunately the default settings always won. This has been fixed.
  • I hit delete on a crucial function in the library (smoothpot). This has been restored.
  • Removed 2 outdated example sketches from the library.
  • Updated the 2 remaining example sketches (more will be added in the future).

For those of you that want to update through the library manager of the Arduino IDE, I got you covered. The version increments have to stick to a specific format for it to work. Therefore the Bits and Droids library in the library manager will have version 0.9.7 mentioned (will be available soon after it’s processed). I wasn’t aware of this limitation blocking many releases. I’ll make sure to keep these in sync from 1.0 onwards.

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