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Latest builds:

Bits and droids flight connectorV0.9DownloadDocumentation
Bits and droids Arduino LibraryV0.8.8DownloadDocumentation

Latest release notes 0.9

You only need to unzip the file and run the .exe

For this to work, you need the Microsoft .net runtime framework installed on your pc.
This can be downloaded through the following link:

Or as a direct download link:
Direct download

Creating these apps and maintaining them costs me time and money. I would never charge you for my product but if you ever want to support this platform you can do so via the link below.

Or if you want to enjoy exclusive content, priority support and early access check out my Patreon page at:


Previous builds:

Bits and droids flight connector V0.8.6Download
Bits and droids Arduino Library V0.8.6Download
Bits and droids flight connectorV0.8.5Download
Bits and droids Arduino LibraryV0.8.5Download
Bits and droids flight connectorV0.8.4Download
Bits and droids Arduino LibraryV0.8.4Download
Bits and droids flight connector0.8.3.1Download
Bits and droids Arduino Library0.8.3.1Download
Bits and droids flight connector0.8.2Download
Bits and droids Arduino Library0.8.2Download
Bits and droids flight connectorV0.8.0.1Download
Bits and droids Arduino LibraryV0.8.0Download

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