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Community reported bugfixes 1.2.3

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Boeing 247 by wing 42

This week I’ve been focussing on several bugs that the community has reported. Some of them have been lingering for quite some time, and a fix was long overdue. Before we get into the gist, I want to thank all of you that keep reporting bugs/points of improvement. Without you guys, this wouldn’t be possible.

Have you encountered a bug yourself? Feel free to report it directly on the Github page or our Discord. Thanks to the lovely Valkyrie, we now have a dedicated “bugs-errors” and “ideas” channel. Thanks a bunch for this and the responses that have come in.


  • Old rudder values could cause the connector to crash, as reported by @LOPzera7577113. An old version of the connector stored the settings in a different format. If these values were still present, they could crash the connector. The connector didn’t even use these settings, so I deleted them.
  • A new input event doesn’t count as a change, as reported by @Wackoo. Every addition gets marked as a change in the latest version.
  • Multiple instances can be opened of the connector as reported by @Valkyrie. You could open the connector numerous times. Resulting in a rather enthusiastic application tray. This is still a new approach, so please provide feedback if this fix has worked for you.
  • You had to restart the connector to save range settings, as reported by @Valkyrie (and many more before the new bug system was in place). The range settings will get reapplied once you press the start button. This way, you don’t have to close the connector entirely.

Coming up

I wanted to get these fixes out ASAP since they could ruin your enjoyment of the connector. But I’ve been working on some new features as well. These aren’t in a production-ready state yet, so they didn’t make this update. The main star of the show will be autorun. Sick of having to press the start button when you launch the sim? Have to remember to open the connector? Me too! That is why autorun will be implemented in the next update. Set and forget will be the new mantra. In an ideal world, you shouldn’t have to open the connector after you’ve set up all your connections and sets. The next update will mark the first steps towards a hassle-free future.

I’m also working on a visual editor that lets you pick and choose specific components to provide example sketches. A what you see is what you get editor for flight simming (autocorrect thinks this has to be swimming)! This feature is still in a very early stage and needs more development time.


This is just a reminder that all my 3D files will be hosted on Printables.com instead of Thingiverse in the future. Please go check out my profile at https://www.printables.com/social/263450-bitsanddroids/about!

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