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0.9 Releasing this Saturday, patch notes

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The update is done and in a stable enough state to be tested by the world. The main focus has been on simplifying the UI, adding output sets, and most importantly allowing you to use these output sets with inputs on a single board. Over 10.000 lines of code have been altered/added/deleted so there might be some bugs present. If you encounter one please let me know! Let us gather around to see what has changed.


new UI Overview

Everything you need to start can be found on a single page. The design isn’t finalized but the general layout is. There is no need to be flooded with unnecessary settings and data when you don’t need it. Set everything up from the settings menu and you should just have to press start from there on out.


outputset screen

Outputs are now bundled in sets. The user flow still needs some work but that doesn’t mean we can’t already use it.

How to create a set?

  • Enter a name in the set name text input
  • Click save set
  • In the set overview click on edit of the desired set
  • Select the outputs you want to save in this bundle
  • Hit save edit at the bottom
Edit set overview

How to use the set

Main screen with sets

On the main screen, you can now select a set next to the com port. Match the connected board with the desired output set to send the right data to the right board. In the image above I’ve got a set with altitude data going to Com port 8 while I have another board connected at Com port 5 that receives fuel data and sends inputs. A dedicated In/output will be more efficient. But the dual-mode adds in a new era of possibilities. Over time I expect to do more improvement/optimizing patches to both modes.

Some things are inop

Remember the status messages? Or what about the untick all settings button? Minor things like this might not work on this patch. I’m in the process of adding them back. In my opinion, they weren’t a show stopper to postpone the update once again.

Please check some of your settings before you get started. There is a slight chance certain settings have been lost during this update. This is due to a new way the settings get handled in this update.


  • Removed tab overview and consolidated into a single screen
  • Dual mode now supports all in/outputs available to the connector
  • Output set menu added
  • Output set handling added
  • Changed out Sleep function between sending data to improve smoothness

These changes are more backend oriented

  • Settings handling added
  • Changed window scaling and responsiveness
  • Refactored main screen
  • Output overhaul (modular)
  • Data flow overhaul
  • Added formBuilder

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Csaba Kafka July 15, 2021 - 5:07 pm

Nice approach, I like it.

admin July 15, 2021 - 5:47 pm

Thanks, the UI needs some love and attention but the foundation starts to take shape. On to the custom variables from DLC planes!

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